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Does Your Church Have A Discipleship Plan?

Many churches want discipleship to happen but don't have a plan in place. We can help your church be a disciple-making church. Your Discipleship Plan will also become a launching pad toward leadership development, community engagement, and church planting.

How GWFC can help you and your team

in developing your discipleship plan

We have discovered that by using the Engel Scale as a tool to develop a framework for discipleship in churches, an effective plan can be developed, communicated, and measured for reaching anyone in your community. GWFC will help you map a pathway for discipleship from cynic to mature disciple who makes disciples, from participant to potential leader, from consumer to community engagement, from church settling to church planting.


Meet with us to discover the GWFC Discipleship Plan and decide if it's a good fit for you and your team.


After a month or so, we meet again to evaluate and discuss the current and future implementation of your Discipleship Plan.


Alongside you and your church leadership, we provide the tools for thorough assessment of current processes, as well as coaching and mentoring.


Connect with us again in 12 months for a Health Check, determining improvements to your Discipleship Plan.

Start your discipleship plan today

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Tony Calman

The church is the bride of Christ, so we support and work with pastors and church leaders to live out their identity and values, impacting the world through our mission to make disciples of every nation.